Why do we live in the past? Why do we long for the future? Do we believe our lives ran smoother or more exciting before or will after this moment? I believe to fully invest ourselves in the present is the greatest way to live. “Only this actual moment is life.” Take that in, and feel what those words truly mean. Let’s all try to enjoy this moment we are in to the fullest. I do often find myself feeling annoyed or empty in a situation, but who is that hurting? Me. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we should give it our all. If you aren’t happy, don’t be grumpy or mean- just ride it out until you get out of it. By giving the situations or ‘moments’ we live in our 100% effort, we are committing to the present and living life to the fullest. Next time you are around friends or even random people you stumble upon, be aware of the mindset you have and the messages you are sending to those around. I do not want any of you to regret or relive the past in any way, it’s in the PAST people- leave it there. No matter what happened or how you acted, the moment is not coming back- so why make yourself sick worrying about it? This also applies to the hunger of the future. Yes, we all are anxiously waiting to go there or get that, but relying on future happiness is like turning our backs on our current emotions. We must look to the past and future as if they are unreachable, and focus on the present. How are you feeling right now? Why do you rely on the future to make yourself happy? Why does your stomach churn when you think of what happened 10 years ago? Why do you let yourself feel this way about yesterday or tomorrow? Why can’t you live for today? What can you do to make yourself the happiest in the moment RIGHT NOW? Let’s face our current selves and get down to business. Let’s live, love, and inspire in the moment. Take advantage right now! Be inspiring. Xoxo
P.S. Sorry this was long. Remember: rants are good for the soul!


I just went on the most beautiful walk to stumble upon a gorgeous sunset. Moments like these make me so blessed to be alive and healthy! Many times I waste away my days, without even noticing that I’ve lived another 24 hours on this earth. It may see pointless or stupid, but realizing our potential and impact we can all have on this world is magical! I challenge you all to go outside this week and keep on going, and stumble upon a place you didn’t even know existed! Take a morning stroll before the hectic day ahead, or catch the breezy night weather as the sunset falls. We all could use some peace and quiet in our day! “Traveling is the only you can buy that makes you richer.” I think that quote says it all. We all need to step outside our comfortable homes, local restaurants, and familiar social circles- to explore and adventure the world! Start with your town, and build your way up! I hope to see new cultures and amazing places in my lifetime, and I wish the same upon all of you. And never forget to be inspiring on your journey! Xoxo. 

P.S. It would seriously fill my heart up with joy to hear your adventures and memories about traveling experiences! Always remember the creativityden is here and wants to hear your story. Email or simply comment to this post. I know all of you can inspire others and me by sharing what you have discovered. xxoxoxooxo


How many times a day do we succumb to uttering the worst b-word, BOREDOM?! I know I do! Let me give you a few of my favorite activities to squash ever feeling ‘bored’:
READ A BOOK (“a good book is like food for the soul”)
TAKE A WALK (go with a friend! Great way to catch up and see those neighbors you have been avoiding)
GO BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING (a little retail therapy never hurts-just don’t go overboard)
TRY A NEW RECIPE (cook or bake something new! Be creative)
CALL A FRIEND (my phone calls usually end up being a few hours if you have a great person to chat with)
NEFLIX (do I even need to explain)
DIY CRAFT (I will do another post on this, but make something cool for your room or a friend)
But always be inspiring in every activity you do. You may end up inspiring yourself when you do something new! Xoxo


Let’s show ourselves off today and be the best we can be! It is important to remember not to mold your personality into somebody else’s wishes of you. Whether it be the cool kids, colleagues, family, or friends- the people you surround yourself should accept you for who you are! If you are putting POSITIVITY into the earth, positivity will come your way! So maybe let someone cut in front of you in line today, or buy someone a coffee! We all need to spread some love to those of use who need it. Don’t forget to be inspiring. Xoxo


As I stroll in late to work, with plans to sit inside my cube and doze off, I cannot help but think- is this it? As I have been shadowing and speaking with new people every day, I am learning how we often push our dreams aside to be ‘realistic’. I completely disagree with the belief that our wildest and craziest dreams cannot be a reality. How do you think the masterminds behind the huge corporations felt when they were told no? Do you think they sat down and went to apply at the local fast food place? I don’t think so! That pain and rejection fueled them to keep going- to show those rejection letters what they were made of! I am sure many of you have heard to ‘chase your dreams’ before. I truly never thought I could have what I dreamt about until I realized: if I make an active effort to achieve a goal, the universe will see my efforts and help me out. The universe, which can be referred to as many things, wants to help all of you AWESOME people out! So what I want you to do, for me, is to write down your top 5 goals/dreams for this month. (Basically July is almost over so you can choose august) Study those 5 things, and choose your most wanted one. Then break that major goal into active steps that you can tackle day to day. I want you all to realize YOU are in control of your destiny and future! Make active steps toward your goals and you will be rewarded. Also, always be inspiring (to yourself-look at how much you have accomplished and are going to achieve! And others of course). Xoxo


“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” I really adore this quote. How many times have you heard someone tell you to ‘take risks’? I have read and heard that short statement many times. I used to believe a ‘risk’ had to be a grand gesture, entirely out of your perfect comfort zone. I beg to differ. A risk for one could be flying on a plane for the first time, or buying something on credit. Each person handles situations differently, and takes risks at their own pace. I used to generally stay inside my comfort zone because it never failed or hurt me, and I typically did not want to get hurt (I still don’t plan to get hurt when I take a risk, but you never know). Although, as I get older, I am realizing the benefits from saying ‘f it, let’s go’ (sorry but you know you’ve said it). If I am ever in my snuggly pajamas watching Netflix and I get a text or call about an event that night, I think: do I want to remember yet another night locked up in my room or do I want to see where the night takes me and what adventures I may laugh or cry about someday. I believe taking risks in our personal lives and careers can only benefit us. Okay, so the guy or girl you asked out said no. That was a risk. Yes, you took a risk and got some courage and did what your emotions told you to do! Even if you get denied, the risk will build up confidence in yourself and you will ultimately choose to make decisions that will make you have an adventurous and courageous life. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is sort of my best friend and I love my bubbly comfort zone, BUT when I look back on my memories, the craziest and best were the few where I let down my guard and went with the flow. Do one thing for me: take one risk this week. If you want to really get a gold star, try a new risk every day! For some of you it may be to text that certain someone your true feelings about them… For others it may be finally booking the flight for the dream trip you’ve always wanted! Be spontaneous once in awhile. You’ll laugh about it in the future, I promise. Xoxo


Do you ever have those days where certain people are just bringing you down? For me, it is hard to keep my positivity around people who tend to choose the negative outlook on life. In these situations I try to remind myself I am on my journey and they might be at a different point of theirs. I need to focus on myself solely so other people should not bring me down. It does get to me sometimes when I am trying to give out a certain persona and I question it because I am around other people. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the relationships we possess and see the value of each. Do your friends bring you up or down? Do you have to question yourself and your values around your close friends? These questions may be helpful to think about when you are just feeling ‘blah’ in a social setting. Those people who are genuinely excited for you and your future, are beautiful souls to keep around at all times (especially when you cannot get excited about how awesome you are on your own). Continue to inspire always, and be the best you can be! Xoxo


One time I had such a bad argument with a close friend of mine that we vetted to each other our friendship was over. I was distraught, but I couldn’t show myself as weak so I didn’t reach out to her. Little did I know, she had been asking all of my other close friends if I had talked about the situation with them. All she wanted was a conversation to clear things up. Every once in a while, we all say horrendous and hurtful things to others that we don’t mean. Usually it is is our anger, resentment, or fear taking the reins and speaking for us. If one of these situations occur, I advise you all to go wherever you can to get away (preferably a calm and closed off place) and collect your thoughts. Why did you say those words? What do you actually feel? What do you wish you could have said? When we act out on emotions we usually are not being our rational, thought-provoking selves. So after you have collected your thoughts, feelings, and emotions- decide if you need to have another CALMER conversation with the person, or you need to make an apology. Relationships require communication and they are hard to maintain. So don’t give up after one fight, usually the things in life we continually fight for are the most beneficial and meaningful ones! Be inspiring today, and think about your close relationships… Maybe reach out and tell them how much you value and adore them. Xoxo

“I tell people not to be afraid of their fears; because their fears are not there to scare them, they’re there to let know that something is worth it. Yet I am often afraid. I guess that means in my life, lots of things have been worth it!”


I don’t know about any of you, but the morning time is ME time. The morning is a time to gather your thoughts and get ready for your exciting day ahead. For me, a coffee and a good book is an essential to enjoy the wee hours of light that are only around once in the day. Every morning when I wake up I try to focus on what good can come out of the hours ahead, and I quickly plan what I would like to accomplish. An important tip: wake up and be thankful for the day and don’t let anything try to get in the way of a successful and invigorating day. Also, a trip to Starbucks couldn’t hurt! Xoxo