Do you ever have those days where certain people are just bringing you down? For me, it is hard to keep my positivity around people who tend to choose the negative outlook on life. In these situations I try to remind myself I am on my journey and they might be at a different point of theirs. I need to focus on myself solely so other people should not bring me down. It does get to me sometimes when I am trying to give out a certain persona and I question it because I am around other people. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the relationships we possess and see the value of each. Do your friends bring you up or down? Do you have to question yourself and your values around your close friends? These questions may be helpful to think about when you are just feeling ‘blah’ in a social setting. Those people who are genuinely excited for you and your future, are beautiful souls to keep around at all times (especially when you cannot get excited about how awesome you are on your own). Continue to inspire always, and be the best you can be! Xoxo


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