“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” I really adore this quote. How many times have you heard someone tell you to ‘take risks’? I have read and heard that short statement many times. I used to believe a ‘risk’ had to be a grand gesture, entirely out of your perfect comfort zone. I beg to differ. A risk for one could be flying on a plane for the first time, or buying something on credit. Each person handles situations differently and takes risks at their own pace. I used to generally stay inside my comfort zone because it never failed or hurt me, and I typically did not want to get hurt (I still don’t plan to get hurt when I take a risk, but you never know). Although, as I get older, I am realizing the benefits from saying ‘f it, let’s go’ (sorry but you know you’ve said it). If I am ever in my snuggly pajamas watching Netflix and I get a text or call about an event that night, I think: do I want to remember yet another night locked up in my room or do I want to see where the night takes me and what adventures I may laugh or cry about someday. I believe taking risks in our personal lives and careers can only benefit us. Okay, so the guy or girl you asked out said no. That was a risk. Yes, you took a risk and got some courage and did what your emotions told you to do! Even if you get denied, the risk will build up confidence in yourself and you will ultimately choose to make decisions that will make you have an adventurous and courageous life. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is sort of my best friend and I love my bubbly comfort zone, BUT when I look back on my memories, the craziest and best were the few where I let down my guard and went with the flow. Do one thing for me: take one risk this week. If you want to really get a gold star, try a new risk every day! For some of you, it may be to text that certain someone your true feelings about them… For others, it may be finally booking the flight for the dream trip you’ve always wanted! Be spontaneous once in awhile. You’ll laugh about it in the future, I promise. Xoxo


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