One time I had such a bad argument with a close friend of mine that we vetted to each other our friendship was over. I was distraught, but I couldn’t show myself as weak so I didn’t reach out to her. Little did I know, she had been asking all of my other close friends if I had talked about the situation with them. All she wanted was a conversation to clear things up. Every once in a while, we all say horrendous and hurtful things to others that we don’t mean. Usually, it is is our anger, resentment, or fear taking the reins and speaking for us. If one of these situations occur, I advise you all to go wherever you can to get away (preferably a calm and closed off place) and collect your thoughts. Why did you say those words? What do you actually feel? What do you wish you could have said? When we act out on emotions we usually are not being our rational, thought-provoking selves. So after you have collected your thoughts, feelings, and emotions- decide if you need to have another CALMER conversation with the person, or you need to make an apology. Relationships require communication and they are hard to maintain. So don’t give up after one fight, usually the things in life we continually fight for are the most beneficial and meaningful ones! Be inspiring today, and think about your close relationships… Maybe reach out and tell them how much you value and adore them. Xoxo


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