As I stroll in late to work, with plans to sit inside my cube and doze off, I cannot help but think- is this it? As I have been shadowing and speaking with new people every day, I am learning how we often push our dreams aside to be ‘realistic’. I completely disagree with the belief that our wildest and craziest dreams cannot be a reality. How do you think the masterminds behind the huge corporations felt when they were told no? Do you think they sat down and went to apply at the local fast food place? I don’t think so! That pain and rejection fueled them to keep going- to show those rejection letters what they were made of! I am sure many of you have heard to ‘chase your dreams’ before. I truly never thought I could have what I dreamt about until I realized: if I make an active effort to achieve a goal, the universe will see my efforts and help me out. The universe, which can be referred to as many things, wants to help all of you AWESOME people out! So what I want you to do, for me, is to write down your top 5 goals/dreams for this month. (Basically, July is almost over so you can choose August) Study those 5 things, and choose your most wanted one. Then break that major goal into action using steps that you can tackle day to day. I want you all to realize YOU are in control of your destiny and future! Make active steps toward your goals and you will be rewarded. Also, always be inspiring (to yourself-look at how much you have accomplished and are going to achieve! And others of course). Xoxo


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