I just went on the most beautiful walk to stumble upon a gorgeous sunset. Moments like these make me so blessed to be alive and healthy! Many times I waste away my days, without even noticing that I’ve lived another 24 hours on this earth. It may see pointless or stupid, but realizing our potential and impact we can all have on this world is magical! I challenge you all to go outside this week and keep on going, and stumble upon a place you didn’t even know existed! Take a morning stroll before the hectic day ahead, or catch the breezy night weather as the sunset falls. We all could use some peace and quiet in our day! “Traveling is the only you can buy that makes you richer.” I think that quote says it all. We all need to step outside our comfortable homes, local restaurants, and familiar social circles- to explore and adventure the world! Start with your town, and build your way up! I hope to see new cultures and amazing places in my lifetime, and I wish the same upon all of you. And never forget to be inspiring on your journey! Xoxo.

P.S. It would seriously fill my heart up with joy to hear your adventures and memories about traveling experiences! Always remember the creativityden is here and wants to hear your story. Email or simply comment to this post. I know all of you can inspire others and me by sharing what you have discovered. xxoxoxooxo


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