Why do we live in the past? Why do we long for the future? Do we believe our lives ran smoother or more exciting before or will after this moment? I believe to fully invest ourselves in the present is the greatest way to live. “Only this actual moment is life.” Take that in, and feel what those words truly mean. Let’s all try to enjoy this moment we are into the fullest. I do often find myself feeling annoyed or empty in a situation, but who is that hurting? Me. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we should give it our all. If you aren’t happy, don’t be grumpy or mean- just ride it out until you get out of it. By giving the situations or ‘moments’ we live in our 100% effort, we are committing to the present and living life to the fullest. Next time you are around friends or even random people you stumble upon, be aware of the mindset you have and the messages you are sending to those around. I do not want any of you to regret or relive the past in any way, it’s in the PAST people- leave it there. No matter what happened or how you acted, the moment is not coming back- so why make yourself sick worrying about it? This also applies to the hunger of the future. Yes, we all are anxiously waiting to go there or get that, but relying on future happiness is like turning our backs on our current emotions. We must look to the past and future as if they are unreachable, and focus on the present. How are you feeling right now? Why do you rely on the future to make yourself happy? Why does your stomach churn when you think of what happened 10 years ago? Why do you let yourself feel this way about yesterday or tomorrow? Why can’t you live for today? What can you do to make yourself the happiest in the moment RIGHT NOW? Let’s face our current selves and get down to business. Let’s live, love, and inspire in the moment. Take advantage right now! Be inspiring. Xoxo
P.S. Sorry this was long. Remember: rants are good for the soul!



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