Wow! I have not updated the blog in a little over a week. I was on vacation and such, but I definitely missed writing to all of you! I have a tip for all of you (and myself) that can be started at anytime. I often forget to stop and appreciate what I am given and how blessed I am to have what I have! I usually work through the day, mundane task after task, and don’t treat the little things like they are important. I often write in a personal journal, which I highly recommend, but if you don’t- find or a jar or pad of paper and write out the great things you did that day and what you are blessed/thankful/happy about! It will make a day that seemed boring, worth it! Even if you spent the day running errands- what did you accomplish? Did you run into an old friend, or maybe happen upon a new place to visit or find a new recipe to try out? Or did you do something totally exciting and awesome that you want to remember? I want you all to realize how great and amazing our lives are (even when it doesn’t seem that way) because we only have a limited time and we need to love each and every minute. Life is so so beautiful and I want to give all my love out to as many I can reach. Thank you for following and reading what I have to say- I truly appreciate it. And don’t forget to be inspiring each and every day! Xoxo


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