I have definitely felt a lack of inspiration in these last few days which depresses me, but here and there I find a sparkle in a dark room and I can’t wait to write a post on here. This place, this site- gives me a voice and I am so thankful I have a few hopeful humans who appreciate the voice I have to give. And the advice I have yet to administer! I had the craziest experience last night and I could not be happier to climb into bed and be fully in control of my mind. Sometimes we don’t realize how great (truly truly great) to be ourselves in the moment we are in. I was so relieved to be in control of my thoughts and I am so blessed to be myself. I have a few tips and homework for all who are crazy enough to read what I have to say- take a moment out of your day/night today and reflect on the craziest, happiest, saddest, and best moments of your life thus far. No matter what stage you may be in or how happy/sad you are with yourself, relive these memories. Relive the past just for a few minutes. Look at how much you have accomplished and how many great memories you have stored! Look! You are such an amazing human being and you must give yourself some time to appreciate yourself. Seriously. I am not kidding, you deserve love and praise!! You are amazing!!! So many people love you and you have impacted many peoples lives, so give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t forget to go out and inspire those around you (even more than you already have.) xoxoxo


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