I just was caught for lying to amazing people twice. I feel very vulnerable, especially towards the Universe. Is what you put out really what you get back? I think the answer prevails in this situation. The lies were not big, but the consequences were much larger, and now I live with them. I need to realize that everything I say and do is an indication of who I am and who I want to be, and the Universe will take note of it. It’s the Law of Attraction, and it is indeed very real and true. I am freaking out right now, and I feel awful and guilty. But what should I have expected? I got myself into this position and I have the option to grow and learn from these situations. It also helps to get advice from close friends and write all your feelings down to articulate exactly what you are feeling. I cannot let this wrap all my emotions and thoughts up, but I will take a greater emphasis on my actions and how important everything I say and do is to myself and those are me. Have any of you ever got yourself in a really sticky situation and feel awful? Send help. Stay inspiring. Xoxo.


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