Life is CRAZY!

I just finished up a book for English titled, ‘Populazzi’. In the beginning of my senior year, we started a year long project on a specific guided question we chose during the first week of school. I was really interested in the realm of the high school world I was submerged in and decided to create a topic encompassing it. I was, and still am, completely fascinated by popularity and how people come to it. I chose to focus on ‘Why some of us fit in, and others don’t’.

I had to choose a fiction book, and after skimming the kindle teen section, I settled on Populazzi. As I started reading the book, I nudged it off as a dumb teen book that I would only use for quotes. Then boom. My lights go out and the wi-fi in my house stops working, AKA no more of The Office, so I am left with only this book and 35% on my Iphone. Let’s just say: I spent my entire day with my phone 3 inches away from my face.

Okay sorry to trail off…. But. I completely devoured this book! Let me just say it wasn’t magnificent writing or an impressive story line, but it was a fun and easy read. It was a story of a social hungry girl who works her way up to the top of the ladder, only to find out it was a cold and lonely place to be. It made me think though… You can choose to be whomever (is that right?) or whoever you want! It is a crazy concept and one that will leave me pondering for the rest of the week. So, to get to the point, life is crazy. So as I type this on this calm and cozy Sunday night, I provide my readers with one tip for this week: do something CRAZY! One thing, or even one thing each day. Life is crazy, and nothing REALLY matters in the long run. You won’t look back and laugh about your Netflix marathon!!! Remember that when you are thinking of making the leap to go crazy and go to that function you have been dreaming about. Do something crazy and make a memory!



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