Feeling lonely is so weird. It’s like, I could be completely surrounded by my amazing friends, but I could feel completely alone? I don’t know. I feel like ranting about loneliness right now.

It’s so weird how we really don’t know what’s going on in others heads at any point EVER. Makes me think how crazy it is that anyone could ever judge anyone’s actions- because they don’t know what is going on AT ALL. Honestly, I’ve taken part in judging others don’t get me wrong, but I’ve lately been trying to make a stronger effort to try to see all situations objectively and fairly.

…So what I was trying to get at is how I could be feeling anxious and lonely in a room and no one would even know. Anxiety is weird as well, but I’ll save that for another rant. What I am trying to get at is next time you start to judge someone, at least think of their situation and what they could be going through. Could they have done this for a right reason? Even if they were doing the obviously wrong thing, maybe it was for someone or something they believed in. Just try it, that’s all I ask! Have an amazing rest of your week, XOXO


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