Diss a point ing

What a sucky feeling. I don’t have better words to describe it. Disappointment. Ugh.

I feel so let down and disappointed right now. I planned on one thing, put too much time and money into it, and didn’t get what I wanted or expected. I know nothing is permanent and this won’t be important in the long run, but that doesn’t take my frustration away right now.

It’s important to feel your emotions. We all know how we should feel or will feel in the future, but that doesn’t or shouldn’t take away your feelings right now! It’s a good thing to remember to really give into the emotions and reactions you’re feeling so you won’t have any pent up aggression in the future. Feel them. Cry. Punch a pillow. Do whatever you need to do, and let it all out! You have every right to get mad, sad, or frustrated- it’s your life and you know how to run it best. Always remember nothing is permanent and life goes on, and so will the emotions you feel now. It’s okay to feel how you feel, it’s OKAY!



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