La Universidad

Hello! So I have been in college for two weeks. Wow. It honestly has felt like I have been here forever! It has been quite a change.

I am so excited to start writing about my experience and sharing this journey!

The first night was very tough and I felt strong feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Being away from my friends and family was much harder than I thought it would be. The simple moments are those I miss the most. It’s interesting to go to a new place and no know one. I thought because I am a friendly and outgoing person when it comes to meeting new people, that making friends would be easy. I never thought about how long it takes to make long lasting relationships that are serious and truly make an impact on your life. I am blessed with one roommate who is already a great friend, and another who is such a positive and caring person to live with. Sometimes though it can be very hard to be in an entirely new place with no one who knows you. I have to completely open up and be trusting to random people. It takes a long time for me to open up, let alone trust anyone. I think as a culture we put so much pressure on college students, and how they should have this amazing, easy, and party-filled experience. Looking at college from an outside perspective, it is challenging and can be really hard. I could easily see how students could get home sick and find their way back. But also it is so exciting and new and really needs to be cherished and captured by those who get the opportunity to be apart of it. I do want to make friends and build relationships but I have stopped putting pressure on myself to be someone I’m not just to make shallow relationships that won’t benefit me. If it happens it happens!

Wow, sorry for ranting. That is just such a crucial part of leaving home. I don’t have my usual support system and I have to tackle every problem alone. Our technology has made being away from home a little easier with texting, calling, and FaceTiming, but it can still feel extremely lonely because nobody can be with me day to day to see what I am going through. We only have ourselves in the end. And that is definitely a part of college I want to take advantage of, the ability to rely on myself and be independent.

Wellllll, getting onto happier and better topics: I am also, besides the loneliness and sadness, loving it! Being in a new environment is exhilarating. I love LOVE love living in a city. It is tough getting around and knowing the area, but it is interesting to use public transportation. Being alone and away from the people I went to high school with is also a plus because I am not forced to be around people I don’t relate to or get along with daily. I am so excited for the rest of this semester and I plan to document it along the way!

(Also I’m learning Spanish so I will somehow try to incorporate that into these posts)



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