Today, I skipped my first college class. I also turned in my first college English essay. I guess it was a day of firsts!

Why I skipped my class you may be asking, hmmm. There isn’t really a good answer. I am going, to be honest, I just did not want to go, so I didn’t. Good or bad? Wrong or right? The world may never know. (My professor would say bad, and wrong. She may be right).

I love to analyze everything around me, especially the current situation I’m in. Today, as I was shaking during my coffee-high, I was thinking about how crazy this whole college thing truly is. I am slowly fitting into my surroundings and getting a routine down. It can be hard to adapt to new surroundings, but it is so fascinating to see how quickly humans can adapt.

Obviously, some days are harder than others, and sometimes everyone can suffer from low points. But, I think/hope, this new place will soon become my home. I am really enjoying my classes, even though I have to actually do homework to pass. And I actually have to get good grades and not just slide by like high school, but with a latte in hand, I am ready for the challenge.



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