Life is crazy.

The most overused phrase in my vocabulary, yet the only one that reigns true. Do you ever find yourself looking around and just thinking what? (!!!!!!!) How did we end up here? How is our reality actually real?

At night, is when I (and many other insomniac ridden brains) stay up thinking about, well, EVERYTHING. I think about home, and my friends, and how my heart breaks when I think about how things used to be. But also, when I walk down the diverse streets of San Francisco, my heart breaks a little too. It’s so beautiful! Can you fall in love with a place? Can you fall in love with a moment?

Life is craaaazy. We are all just little humans on our own little paths, following our hearts. Sooooo, moral of the story: look around and take it all in. Breath in your surroundings. Follow your heart, do as it says and you shall be bound to success.


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