As an intuitive and introspective person, I am always analyzing (and over analyzing) myself. My thoughts, actions, anything and everything. I know my major weaknesses and I always catch myself committing these sins without rhyme or reason.

One default of my kind (haha, I am my own kind) is my need to always compare myself to others. How have I only done this, when someone has already done that and gone to do other things? It is a recipe for disaster! Yet, I find myself making comparisons even in daily conversation.

When I was in high school, I tried my very best to do as little as possible to get into college. Now that I am in college, I feel so much more inadequate. When taking college prep classes in high school, I felt superior and even when not having studied, I felt in control. Comparing high school to college, the only way for me to succeed is to actually study and complete every assignment I’m given. This makes it easy me to feel inferior to my peers.

I am an English major, with an emphasis on writing. I had to go to an English major group meeting the other day with around 25 students. We had to share our least favorite books with the group, with a few other facts about ourselves. I enjoy reading, but usually, read self-improvement or simple fiction books. So when it reached my turn, I was dumbfounded, and just blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. In the big picture, this moment did not matter, and no one else thought anything of it. It just put this whole college thing into perspective for me- that I really have to focus and put the time in to get anything out of it.

It can be so easy to compare yourself or your achievements to others, but it only hurts you in the end. Next time you find yourself making comparisons, insert yourself into the other person’s life. I do this often and really think of both situations. Could you do what they’re doing if you had their recourses? Why can’t you do what they’re doing? Does what they’re doing even really matter? You are on the right track and are doing everything you should be. Don’t compare yourself, you are enough!



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