“Cry wid me roll wid me”

I will explain the title, don’t worry. What a whirlwind it has been being home! This is the third time I have been home since starting college, and each time it gets significantly better, and more needed. As the months’ progress, school gets harder- and I look forward to taking time off to sleep in… Continue reading “Cry wid me roll wid me”


“When was the last time you had total freedom?” My teacher gave us an opportunity to have an uninterrupted five minutes to say whatever or however we were feeling. So, naturally, I want to share my thoughts with you. Here you go. My version of an Automatic Writing session, thanks, Freud: Right now I am… Continue reading TURN OFF THE WORLD IN FIVE MINUTES


Hello people. Do you ever think maybe we should use the word hello more? Why are we, as an increasingly tech focused world, so insistent on being informal. ‘Hi’. What about hello, how are you? I believe the ‘millennials’ are the last generation before people know the difference between not using cellphones 24/7, and not… Continue reading MILLENNIALS


Hello, lovely people. I am guessing you are lovely, but honestly, I don’t know who is reading this. So, technically, I do not know how lovely the person reading this is. But I believe in the love and kindness humanity has the opportunity to possess, so I believe that whoever reading this is a KIND… Continue reading COFFEE GIRL