“Cry wid me roll wid me”

I will explain the title, don’t worry.

What a whirlwind it has been being home! This is the third time I have been home since starting college, and each time it gets significantly better, and more needed. As the months progress, school gets harder- and I look forward to taking time off to sleep in my beautiful queen bed.

It’s a very interesting and weird concept the transition from high school to college is. You have these (for some people longer) four years with the same faces passing you each day, and then you graduate. Then you move away and only see these people on occasion. I think the best part about coming back to your home town or city, is the comfortability. When I am in town, I know that I know most everyone walking around and know where to go for everything I need.

Regardless of it being a small or large city or town, the comfortability you get when returning “home”, can’t be traded for anything. In my home town, when I return, nothing has changed. The pace is slower from living in a city, and I couldn’t have taken it more for granted growing up.

It all revolves around time. When you’re in high school, you don’t realize that once the college process comes around- nothing will ever be the same. Once you leave, everything changes- which can be both good and bad. I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything, because I believe college is a learning and growing process, but it is hard and my nostalgia for the past grows every day. That might be due to my cancerly nature (I’m a cancer-leo cusp), so I am known for being nostalgic. Which is both good and bad as well.

The title of this post has to do with the Spotify playlist I stumbled upon today. I created it when I was having a rough first week of college, and feeling really lonely. I try to have creative titles for my playlists, so, cry wid me roll wid me is what came to mind.

If you’re ever feeling down try these few songs, and maybe you’ll feel like a lonely cancer perched up on her top bunk living alone in San Francisco. Or just sad. Let me know.

  1. Skinny Love- Bon Iver
  2. Video Games- Lana Del Rey
  3. Like a Star- Corinne Bailey Rae
  4. Someone Like You- Adele
  5. Hurt- Christina Aguilera
  6. Lay Me Down- Sam Smith
  7. Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce
  8. Youth- Foxes
  9. Younger- Seinabo Sey (!!!)
  10. Bridges- Broods
  11. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe- Kendrick Lamar (when you need to pick yourself up, and/or jam)



AWKWARD. That is what I am, or that is how my morning has been. I am here to brighten your mornings with my embarrassing and lengthy airport struggles.

As an eighteen year old, my most hidden secret, is that I walk around unidentifiable. I do not carry a license with me, or a set of shiny keys on a fun key chain. I don’t know exactly how I’ve gotten to this point, but this is who I am.

I knew coming into the airport process, that I would have a bit of trouble passing through the security line. Although, I haven’t flown by myself on such a hectic day as the day before Thanksgiving- so I’ll give you a step by step of my situation.

I’m waiting in line, (the thirty to fourty people in a packed room anxiously awaiting getting through and flying line), and I am growing more nervous. I had just realized that my passport is expired, and I am the least experience traveler EVER. I am frantically texting anyone I know that’s awake, which is my grandma, at 5:45 am. She calmly tells me I’ve gotten through before, so I shouldn’t worry.

Sorry my sweet sweet grandma, but you were WRONG. so so wrong.

I am slightly shaking and have a red tint to my pale skin, as I walk up to the unhappy man checking identification. He checks my passport, and the school I.D. I made sure to slip in, falls out. With a concerned look on his face, he asks if I have any more identification.

I pull out my debit card and health insurance card. Not enough. He calls his supervisor, who then notifies me I have been put on some list. I don’t know what kind of list, but I know that it wasn’t a good thing. I was dragged in front of the line, and had one too many eyes glaring at me.

Another woman then took me to a different area, where they check peoples bags more thoroughly than normal. This woman went through my carry on and backpack, sparing no crevice or object. She then pat me down for two minutes- which is quite an experience. With multiple sleepy-eyed adults staring at this small, nervous girl being pat down…. Ha-ha. I wish I could have seen that. Just kidding. Now that I know what it’s really like, I wouldn’t offer to go through the process again.

It was all worth it though, ultimately. I had a fifty-one minute flight, and then I was HOME. So, regardless of the pat-down, the airport isn’t such a bad place. Just put in your headphones, tune out the world, and don’t wait at the wrong gate. Not like I did that or anything, I am an expert traveler now.

I’ll try to update you with how coming home is. Hopefully I don’t have too.



“When was the last time you had total freedom?”

My teacher gave us an opportunity to have an uninterrupted five minutes to say whatever or however we were feeling.

So, naturally, I want to share my thoughts with you.

Here you go. My version of an Automatic Writing session, thanks Freud:

Right now I am so distracted sitting in class so many thoughts are swirling in my head

I don’t know if I should just stick with my college or try to transfer-is it just a freshman year thing or is this not the place for me?

I am thinking about dinner and how cold it is outside. I am planning on a salad with balsamic vinagrette and minestrone soup, basically the perfect dinner. I have so many assignments/ and studying upcoming it has me freaked out BUT I go home in two days- so there is nothing to fear. Being with family and friends is the best. True connections whom I love and cherish.

I just had a pause/ blank in my mind but I think it’s a combination of seeing my phone, sitting there daunting me, out of the corner of my eye and my hand cramping up.

I have been so distracted lately I really don’t know why. Why is it that when I am watching netflix, I can’t even focus on a thirty minute tv show. I probably stop any given show 10-25 times just to check my phone. Ok 25 does seem like a lot so maybe 10 times. I am on edge and home is the perfect answer to all my bad feelings.

OK WOW. Yeah, that’s me during my one hour fourty five minute art appreciation class. If you were REALLY wondering. What a great way to get out your thoughts! If anyone is feeling stuck, or needs to get out of their head, writing without stopping or worrying about your words for any period of time is a great way to be free.

Until next time, xoxo




Hello people.

Do you ever think maybe we should use the word hello more? Why are we, as an increasingly tech focused world, so insistent on being informal. ‘Hi’. What about hello, how are you? I believe the ‘millennials’ are the last generation before people know the difference between not using cellphones 24/7, and not having them. This means we must not lose the art of language! Language is beautiful, and words are there for us to string together powerful and elegant sentences to capture other’s attention.

Have I captured your attention? Ok good.

Currently I am sitting in front of my computer screen, with a pack of skittles on my left and a peppermint-flavored coffee on my right. Sitting. Staring. With nothing coming to mind. HELP.

I have three more days until I fly back home, and I can’t think about anything else. I am distracted with the thought of being surrounded by my angels, all my friends and family. It is really getting to me, and I have no motivation for any of homework and studying (which is a lot, A LOT).

Wait, back to the millennials topic. There has been a lot of buzz around the whole ‘social media’ topic. Which I am not going to give my opinion on because I have like 200 instagram followers, and I particularly don’t care about instagram fame. BUT, I do think our generation, with the help of social media and our constant contact through cell phones, have created a new world! The power of technology has helped me so much while away at college. Whenever I start to get ‘home sick’ (where is my actual home?), I can literally call anyone around the world and talk to them WHILE seeing their face. Revolutionary. Amazing. I am so lucky face time is a thing!! Wow.

Well. That’s all I have to say for now. I am getting distracted while listening to Drake. Anyone relate?

Hotline bling me sometime. Did that make sense, or was that a really bad joke? I don’t know. You decide!

Until next time.


Hello, lovely people. I am guessing you are lovely, but honestly, I don’t know who is reading this. So, technically, I do not know how lovely the person reading this is. But I believe in the love and kindness humanity has the opportunity to possess, so I believe that whoever reading this is a KIND and LOVELY human being.

That was a very dramatic opening, how did I do? After not writing for around two or so months, I feel so out of the loop! I have been so busy with school and netflix. Balance is very hard to manage people! Anyone?

I’m sitting here, drinking a very delicious caramel latte right now in my favorite cafe. I always pictured San Francisco me as a cool, calm, and collected cafe-going/coffee-drinking girl. I don’t know why I have such an obsession with coffee or cafes, but here I am. I’m still working on the cool, calm, and collected part. It’s a process.

Yesterday I worked on my resume (well my super helpful and sweet roommate did). Writing and/or talking about yourself is kind of weird, right? What are your accomplishments? What are your skills? How do I know? I can write about myself to a small group of people who care to listen to my thoughts and drink coffee, is that a skill? My roommate said no. Ok.

I took that updated resume and went searching on craigslist. I didn’t expect to find anything, but there is a section dedicated to writing gigs for simpleton people such as me! Not actually, though. Many established writers are far from ‘simpletons’. That was my friday afternoon. Wish me luck on my future endeavors! Please. I need all the good vibes I can get, I want to advance in the journalism world!

I am starting to write again because I showed my roommate my site, and she said it was ‘so cute’. Thanks, girl. She said she wants to hear more of my voice, and her favorite pieces were where I ranted about my thoughts! Great, because that’s all I know how to do.

Until next time! Have a wonderful weekend, lovely people.