Hello, lovely people. I am guessing you are lovely, but honestly, I don’t know who is reading this. So, technically, I do not know how lovely the person reading this is. But I believe in the love and kindness humanity has the opportunity to possess, so I believe that whoever reading this is a KIND and LOVELY human being.

That was a very dramatic opening, how did I do? After not writing for around two or so months, I feel so out of the loop! I have been so busy with school and Netflix. Balance is very hard to manage people! Anyone?

I’m sitting here, drinking a very delicious caramel latte right now in my favorite cafe. I always pictured San Francisco me as a cool, calm, and collected cafe-going/coffee-drinking girl. I don’t know why I have such an obsession with coffee or cafes, but here I am. I’m still working on the cool, calm, and collected part. It’s a process.

Yesterday I worked on my resume (well my super helpful and sweet roommate did). Writing and/or talking about yourself is kind of weird, right? What are your accomplishments? What are your skills? How do I know? I can write about myself to a small group of people who care to listen to my thoughts and drink coffee, is that a skill? My roommate said no. Ok.

I took that updated resume and went searching on Craigslist. I didn’t expect to find anything, but there is a section dedicated to writing gigs for simpleton people such as me! Not actually, though. Many established writers are far from ‘simpletons’. That was my Friday afternoon. Wish me luck on my future endeavors! Please. I need all the good vibes I can get, I want to advance in the journalism world!

I am starting to write again because I showed my roommate my site, and she said it was ‘so cute’. Thanks, girl. She said she wants to hear more of my voice, and her favorite pieces were where I ranted about my thoughts! Great, because that’s all I know how to do.

Until next time! Have a wonderful weekend, lovely people.



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