“When was the last time you had total freedom?”

My teacher gave us an opportunity to have an uninterrupted five minutes to say whatever or however we were feeling.

So, naturally, I want to share my thoughts with you.

Here you go. My version of an Automatic Writing session, thanks, Freud:

Right now I am so distracted sitting in class so many thoughts are swirling in my head

I don’t know if I should just stick with my college or try to transfer-is it just a freshman year thing or is this not the place for me?

I am thinking about dinner and how cold it is outside. I am planning on a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and minestrone soup, basically the perfect dinner. I have so many assignments/ and studying upcoming it has me freaked out BUT I go home in two days- so there is nothing to fear. Being with family and friends is the best. True connections whom I love and cherish.

I just had a pause/ blank in my mind but I think it’s a combination of seeing my phone, sitting there taunting me, out of the corner of my eye and my hand cramping up.

I have been so distracted lately I really don’t know why. Why is it that when I am watching Netflix, I can’t even focus on a thirty-minute tv show. I probably stop any given show 10-25 times just to check my phone. Ok, 25 does seem like a lot so maybe 10 times. I am on edge and home is the perfect answer to all my bad feelings.

OK WOW. Yeah, that’s me during my one hour forty-five-minute art appreciation class. If you were REALLY wondering. What a great way to get out your thoughts! If anyone is feeling stuck or needs to get out of their head, writing without stopping or worrying about your words for any period of time is a great way to be free.

Until next time, xoxo




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