AWKWARD. That is what I am, or that is how my morning has been. I am here to brighten your mornings with my embarrassing and lengthy airport struggles.

As an eighteen-year-old, my most hidden secret, is that I walk around unidentifiable. I do not carry a license with me, or a set of shiny keys on a fun key chain. I don’t know exactly how I’ve gotten to this point, but this is who I am.

I knew coming into the airport process, that I would have a bit of trouble passing through the security line. Although, I haven’t flown by myself on such a hectic day as the day before Thanksgiving- so I’ll give you a step by step of my situation.

I’m waiting in line, (the thirty to forty people in a packed room anxiously awaiting getting through and flying line), and I am growing more nervous. I had just realized that my passport is expired, and I am the least experienced traveler EVER. I am frantically texting anyone I know that’s awake, which is my grandma, at 5:45 am. She calmly tells me I’ve gotten through before, so I shouldn’t worry.

Sorry my sweet sweet grandma, but you were WRONG. so so wrong.

I am slightly shaking and have a red tint to my pale skin, as I walk up to the unhappy man checking identification. He checks my passport, and the school I.D. I made sure to slip in, falls out. With a concerned look on his face, he asks if I have any more identification.

I pull out my debit card and health insurance card. Not enough. He calls his supervisor, who then notifies me I have been put on some list. I don’t know what kind of list, but I know that it wasn’t a good thing. I was dragged in front of the line and had one too many eyes glaring at me.

Another woman then took me to a different area, where they check peoples bags more thoroughly than normal. This woman went through my carry on and backpack, sparing no crevice or object. She then pat me down for two minutes- which is quite an experience. With multiple sleepy-eyed adults staring at this small, nervous girl being pat down…. Ha-ha. I wish I could have seen that. Just kidding. Now that I know what it’s really like, I wouldn’t offer to go through the process again.

It was all worth it though, ultimately. I had a fifty-one minute flight, and then I was HOME. So, regardless of the pat-down, the airport isn’t such a bad place. Just put in your headphones, tune out the world, and don’t wait at the wrong gate. Not like I did that or anything, I am an expert traveler now.

I’ll try to update you with how coming home is. Hopefully, I don’t have too.



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