UA788 to San Francisco has been delayed due to aircraft maintenance.

I thought I would update while I am sitting here, on board my 51-minute flight back to San Francisco. There has been a minor issue with one of the plane’s flood lights (I have no idea) but we are stuck on here for another 30 minutes. It’s a very short flight, so I don’t really mind. Although, I have two classes today and I don’t want the delay to interfere. It hopefully won’t so we’re all good, on our way back to hours of studying and stressful all nighters! Welcome to finals. This shall be an interesting 17 days.

I have been sooOooOoo tired lately. Accustomed to my twin bunk bed, I couldn’t get back in the rhythm of my queen bed in my room, without my two roommates. Strange, right? It’s very interesting how we adapt to our surroundings so quickly, and how a twin bed 7 hours away can feel homier than my bedroom in my house.

I have always wondered why I have such troubles going to sleep. Some months I’ll be able to sleep for the average 7 hours, and others I toss and turn all night.

I have a weird tip that I use to sleep well at night. I don’t know if I’m the only person who gets extremely hot right before bed, but that’s what happens. Sleeping so close to the ceiling, sometimes I feel squirmy and hot. My secret is: even if I don’t need to wash my hair that night, I get it wet. This makes my body cool down, ensuring a restful night sleep. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you sick- you will get used to it. (But don’t do it while sick, unless you’re a risk taker).

I don’t know why I think anyone will want to hear about my nightly ritual, but I love giving anyone who reads this random updates. I am still sitting here waiting to take off. The captain said we have 10 more minutes until then and has given us free tv for our patience. To be honest, I didn’t do anything to deserve this free tv- but I’ll take it! Patience is key, right?

I have been watching vloggers on YouTube. If you don’t know what vlogging is, I’ll explain it: it’s when you tubers take a camera with them doing daily tasks and filming their day to day activities. It’s like a behind the scenes of their life. They are very interesting to watch, and I feel like I know you tubers who are vlogging. I feel like daily blogging is like vlogging, in a way. It’s a more concise, less detailed, wordy version of a daily vlog. That makes me feel special because YouTube is so cool and youtubers are very skilled. I’m not that skilled, but I’ll give daily updates to whoever cares to read.

That has been my daily blog, and it’s only 9 am. The rest of the day will consist of classes, schoolwork, and Netflix. I have two roommates waiting for me at home, and a keurig that hasn’t been used for a week. What a lovely welcome home.

Until next time!


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