I’m a believer, that’s for sure. I’ve enjoyed watching Justin Bieber grow up, literally and musically throughout his career. I feel like we’re sort of friends like we grew up together or something. Not actually. We had very different up bringings, and it’s crazy to think how successful a human can become! Millions of people look up to him and follow his every action… What a life! I don’t know if I could handle that kind of attention, ever.

If I ever had to walk the red carpet that would be so awkward. Or having someone asking me questions about my personal life- wondering who I am dating at the moment. Don’t worry TMZ, I’m not seeing anyone. I could actually use a set up if possible, maybe an actor from a comedy series if possible.

Well, back to Justin Bieber, his new album is great. I honestly really enjoy listening to a few of the songs off the album, it feels more personal and the techno aspect is fun. His song ‘I’ll Show You’ is so so good.

It really is true how our society puts celebrities of all talents on pedestals. I think even in daily life we are put or put ourselves on pedestals.

Should I have done this better? How are they doing that? Why aren’t I like them? I could have done better. I could have studied more. I should have worked out. I should have called them or reached out more.

We are so hard on ourselves. Granted, a little pressure can keep us on track and make us focused on important issues. But, when I walk around on campus and overhear conversations, I notice the key words: should have, could have, would have…

Remembering to breathe and take a break is so important. During stressful times, we can forget to take care of ourselves and just breathe.

You are an individual and no one could ever be you and do the things you do, go through what you have been through, or deal with what you have to deal with. Putting ourselves on pedestals can be detrimental to our personal growth and development.

We must remember that we have done the best we could have done at the end of the day, and no one could have done it better. Every person has their own journey and focusing on other people’s successes or failures can take away from your own journey. I struggle with this on a day-to-day basis, and preaching/writing about it doesn’t make it any easier, believe me!

This is just a friendly reminder to focus on your own goals and accomplishments because your journey is beautiful and should be revered. Also, take a few minutes out of your day to sympathize with the infamous Justin Bieber and listen to ‘I’ll Show You’. We are all humans and are trying our best. Forgive us, and let us be.



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