Do you ever love someone so much you cry? Like you literally think about them or hear their voice and truly want to cry.

That is me sometimes or basically ALL the time.

Gahhhh. Emotions make me uncomfortable. Or really comfortable. Like I should know who I am more, and so it is good when I’m emotional. RIGHT?

I feel so happy and peaceful with life at some points that I just don’t want it to go away. Why do we have to face bad things? I guess it’s so we can appreciate the good moments.

We get the easy and happy times to remember during the hard, and lowest points of life. To be in a challenging situation that you could never imagine doing or succeeding at- you can think of the time you did something just as or even more difficult.

I honestly believe in the idea that everything happens for a reason. And making this your life mantra can free you up mentally, physically, and emotionally. I understand not everyone believes in the same ideas, and this is just something to think about. But believing in the idea of everything happening for a reason can make life so much easier.

Think- every hardship you have ever faced has made you the person you are today. You are the strong person that stands in front of you in the mirror each and every day- whether you have grown to believe in yourself and realize your potential or not. You are a culmination of the lowest and highest points in life, and you have overcome so much. Regardless of it being like someone else’s struggles, your struggles are valid and you are a true warrior for making it this far.

(I am trying to stay on topic, but I have a lot to say). We each have our own journeys and our own points of growth. Emotions are a part of each human, and allowing them into our lives can be very productive. Realizing when we are feeling a certain emotion, and channeling it accordingly can benefit everyone. Doing something active when we’re angry or stressed, and being alone when sad or weak. The emotions you feel are valid, and shouldn’t be diminished because you think you shouldn’t feel this or that way.

When facing hard times and stressful emotions, think to yourself this is SUPPOSED to happen. You will put together the missing pieces and know why you had to go through this moment in order to succeed or grow at a later point. It is truly freeing knowing you are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this very moment. You are supposed to feel this way in order to feel a different, new feeling in the future. You are doing okay, great even. When you have reached a breaking point, a low point that feels so low that you have to choose if you are strong enough to overcome it- remember this will all make sense soon enough.



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