Coming to college has really opened my eyes to the complexity of people’s financial, economic, and social standings in society. How the mere matter of where people were brought up affects them and their future endeavors. I come from an affluent area and hadn’t had much insight when it came to such heavy topics.

I love my hometown and know how it is viewed by others. We are wealthy, stuck-up kids who don’t know anything about real life. In a sense, our town is formed with a barrier of surrounding towns and cities, but we are enclosed in a bubble. This bubble blocks us from the outside world, casting a shadow of knowledge that keeps us uninformed about larger issues. Or this is how I felt. Now seeing these greater issues and huge problems, it has really opened my eyes to so many new things. New people. New experiences. New moments. New food. New happiness.

It really makes me look at how I was raised and how much it is integrated into who I am and what I identify with. I am proud of where I come from and get very defensive when I fall into a category of being one way or not having problems because, on the outside, we appear lucky. We are rich or have nice things or have this and that and we lead the perfect lives. Right?

It’s just as how if we look at someone with nothing, we could think they are living an awful life. But sometimes, we can learn the most from those who aren’t weighed down by material belongings. There are some people who are just content to be with loved ones under the same roof, that they couldn’t imagine having this new shiny thing in order to be happy. Everywhere we look, people have problems. No matter who they are or what they have- they are hindered by something.

Labeling people is an easy and common thing to do. We must break this habit and see individuals as being separate from the masses, and not judge them by who they are/ what they look like/ or what they have. We must learn to separate people from these mindless, material things. To learn to love people for WHO THEY ARE. To learn to love people for their ideas, their thoughts and feelings, and their soul. To get rid of our notions of success as being the best, the wealthiest, the thinnest. To just love people and accept them for who they are.

To treat others as we wish to have others treat us.

We must mindfully start to think of societal ideals of what is right or best, and question them. Let’s all learn to have a little more compassion towards those who are different from us. Practice makes perfect, and trying is better than doing nothing at all.



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