Urban Dictionary defines ‘rut’ as: “A low spot, a ditch, or a pit. A low point in one’s life. It can be boring, sad, or frustrating.”

Yes. I needed to make sure rut was an actual thing, and not just something my mom told me when I was younger. I am in a RUT people. It is almost Christmas, and I have two more weeks of finals left. Or the worst two weeks of a college person’s life. Same thing.

I have been in a rut for awhile. I don’t know how or why it started, but I have been finding myself going out less and feeling worse out by myself. It is common for college students during these stressful few months before winter break to be basically freaking out. It always makes me feel better to know other people are feeling the same as me. So I am happy to hear others are freaking out. Right?

Here are a few tips that I am going to actively try to work on during the holidays and I thought maybe someone could benefit from them too!

  1. calm down. give yourself a break. you are trying, you are doing your best. everything is going to work out.
  2. go outside. yes, netflix and your bed are always there for you but fresh air will make you feel better.
  3. take a shower. showers help everything and everyone. take a bath if you can. I can’t so take one for me.
  4. call home. whether it be a friend or family member, they know you best and can help you through anything.
  5. exercise. go for a walk. do a workout video in your tiny dorm room. go to the gym. anything to get you active.
  6. organize. make a list of all your tasks and one by one check them off. It will help you to feel organized and productive. when you mark off something off your list, it takes pressure off you.
  7. do what is scary/hard/most time consuming first. It will take the most stress off of you and make everything easy in comparison.
  8. clean! a clean and de-cluttered space is a happy space. wash your entire bed. clean sheets and blankets are the coziest and best thing ever.
  9. drink coffee or tea. they are both yummy and can make you focus and be more alert. or drink an ice cold cup of water to wake you up. try to wake up as early as possible, it will give you more time in your day so you can have more time to rest at night.
  10. relax. everything you have done up to this point has gotten you where you are right now. you are fine. one test/homework assignment/presentation won’t determine the rest of your life. or self-worth. relax and be happy.

I will write later on this week and see how well I am doing with following my own advice! Please comment if you have gone through college or a stressful experience and have any pointers!



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