It isn’t morning anymore, but time is fleeting and irregular during finals week. My day has been filled with lots of coffee and fueled by lots of brain power. I have finals coming up, aka tomorrow Saturday and next Thursday. My roommate has been kind enough to help me study. I just kind of realized how bad I am at actually studying, and how little attention I put into studying. I can’t focus at all!

Just a little motivation to get you through your day, whether it be the morning or night where you are. We wake up in order to tackle a new day, a new chance to do what we want and what we can. We try to do all we can in 24 hours or less, and we must remind ourselves to accomplish all we can in one day. Everyone who has ever made their dreams come true has had as much time as you to get work done. Do whatever you can in order to make your dreams come true.

I try to focus on something or some event in order to motivate myself. I think of something coming up that is exciting, and if I can just pass this one test or write this essay- I’ll get there! This method can put into perspective what you truly care about, and make menial tasks important in order to get to what you truly want. I am focused on passing my exams and doing well my first semester so I can get on a plane home to see all my beloved friends and family! Winter break if fueling my motivation and making me focus on the NOW. I am going to pass and I am going to do well because I believe in myself. Believe in yourselves, because you can get through this hard and stressful time. You’ve done it before! These hard few weeks aren’t anything new- and you can get through it like you always have! Don’t give up and give yourself time to relax and breathe. Don’t make yourself exhausted and sick because you’re working so hard. Give yourself a break every so often so you can be the most mindful, focused, and determined to get through your next tasks. You can do it- you can do anything. 😇



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