Believing in ourselves can be hard. Sometimes even impossible. Thinking that we can actually reach our full potential as people seems magical and unattainable. Why as a society have we not chosen to uplift ourselves at every possible chance we got? Why is it okay to put yourself down. Why hasn’t it been instilled in us that we can have it all? Regardless of all the external issues that we face, we can have what we want if we just try. Granted, trying has its own issues. We may fail. We may succeed. But we must TRY first and foremost.

Why don’t we believe we are the best? Why do we let women AND men look in the mirror and believe they are inadequate because of the reflection that stares back. It honestly baffles me how people can not think they are beautiful. I fall in love with people every day. When you fall in love with someone and their small idiosyncrasies and mannerisms, you notice them as a whole. The way their nose is aligned or the way look in their jeans doesn’t matter anymore. (Just examples, we must learn to accept all humans and all of their body parts/shapes/sizes).

I love to preach this because I find myself fighting an inner battle with self-confidence daily. I don’t like the way I look in the mirror sometimes, and it affects how I see myself as a person. I always catch myself falling into a spiraling hole of self-doubt and depression, and that’s when I get inspired to write and speak about this ISSUE.

It’s so easy to look in the mirror or think to yourself: I wish I looked like blank or I wish I could do this. But the fact is, right now, you are all you’ve got. The body you are in and the mind you have worked for is what you are stuck with. You have culminated a life A WHOLE LIFE of laughter, love, successes, failures, and experiences. Don’t belittle yourself into thinking you must look or act a certain way to fit in. That would be diminishing everything you have spent your time working towards, and you would be accepting that your successes aren’t as good as the persons you wish to become. Don’t lose sight of yourself while wanting and wishing for more, because you are enough. If you haven’t been told that or aren’t told enough, you are enough. I am enough and so are you. We must work actively and mindfully to believe this, truly truly believe it one day.

So I beg you to go look in the mirror or take out a journal and write down what you love about yourself. Anything. Even the littlest things you may think aren’t worth it- it is and you are. You are a million memories and moments put into a beautiful human being who deserves the world. Go act like it!



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