While my brain is fried from the act of repeating art history facts over and over from flash cards, I have taken a new appreciation for the classics. Or classical music, specifically. My roommate suggested I listen to music at a lower level or not at all, in order to focus on learning and memorizing the great artists throughout history.

In high school (and all previous education), I have always struggled with science classes. Of all genres, sub-genres, and so on. During my year of chemistry, I was lucky enough to be placed in a class with two of my best friends. This made the class easier, and harder. I wouldn’t focus as much as I could at seven in the morning when my class was, which meant my outside studying and learning took precedence over my other classes. I went over to my best friend’s house every day after school and spent hours trying to wrap my head around the ins and outs of chemistry. I found a love for classical music during this time, especially the masterpieces created by Mozart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this blog post is an ode to you! Your work makes life seem a little slower, and a lot more appreciated. I feel so completely calm while listening to the smooth and powerful melodies in his symphonies. This inspired me and had me thinking of what a feat it is that we can enjoy these classic and beautiful pieces of art in 2015. I search in Spotify ‘Mozart’ and all of his most famous symphonies pop up, and I have access to all of his genius work at the tip of my fingers. It is so amazing that I can listen to the classical world that was actually lived in so long ago, and I can feel partially connected to a time that seems so foreign to the world we live in today.

When I put my headphones on and listen ‘Serenade in G Major’ (which can be found easily on Spotify, it is his most listened to piece), I feel truly connected to this time. I was listening to it earlier today in one of my school’s study lounges, and it gave me an entirely new perspective on the people and the world around me. I can’t help but smile when I listen to this piece and my other favorite, Requiem: Lacrimosa. These symphonies are so beautiful and amazing and powerful I could cry.

What I really want to get at is the power of the classics, and how readily available these fascinating works of art are to us. If I have one suggestion it is to listen to any classical artist with all encompassing headphones on for one day. (Mozart specifically because he is a genius). Do this and look around, it will fascinate you. Wherever you live will become something magical, a world of bright color and loud sounds. It will transport you into a time where everything that was done had a dramatic flair attached. It will give you a new insight into your everyday activities, and make you appreciate what you are surrounded by. You may even smile a bit thinking about how lucky we are to be who we are and live the lives we live. I hope this is what Mozart wanted, for his work to make people think and contemplate while being taken back in time. Thank you, Mozart, for giving me a new perspective on frantic college students, and the busy landscape of San Francisco. You are truly a genius.



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