Change. The only constant thing in life, change. People change. Your environment changes. You change. Everything changes, and we must learn to accept this before we realize it the hard the way.

Drama has always surrounded me and it has affected many of my relationships. I used to be really unhappy with myself and my decisions, and I let that anger manifest inside me. This caused me to be angry at the world, and the people that were around me. I took all my anger out at them and lost many dear friendships because of it. I used to be really lost in myself and my life. It affected me during my pivotal years growing up, but it molded me into the person I am today.

I dealt with unimportant ‘drama’ throughout elementary, middle, and early high school. Girl drama, boy drama. All the same meaningless energy wasted.

I lost a lot of friends. Once I realized who I was and gained confidence in myself, I gained a lot of friends. This process wasn’t easy and took a few years and few thousand tears spent on making mistakes. Mistakes that cost friendships. At that time, losing friends interrupted my entire world. It shook up the ground I walked on, and I felt lost and alone. I didn’t have enough independence and enough knowledge to know that this change was necessary. Growing up involves losing friends and learning to be on your own.

Of course, losing friends is always hard. When I became the mold of who I was (I am constantly growing and learning more) but when the hard mold was made, I realized who my true friends were. It was at that moment, that I gave up the whole drama thing. Yes, fights or small disagreements are bound to happen with people who spend a lot of time with each other- but it wasn’t middle school drama anymore. I put the energy that I had been WASTING into making my life a positive, happy, and healthy one. I put more into my relationships and learned to put all my love and effort into my friends and family.

Learning more about myself and becoming the person I am today (self-intuitive, strong, somewhat confident) has made me realize how your inner thoughts on yourself can affect those closest to you. And not always in a positive way.

I learned to love myself first. To give me the chance to grow and have POSITIVE people around me. I can’t stress this enough. If your friends don’t make you happy and inspired, let go. If your energy goes down, and you feel weak and drained trying to compete/deal with friends, let go. Having to make new friends is tough, but it can be done. You must have like minded people who are happy for you and who make you happy in order to succeed. It will make life so much easier, and you will cherish your time here on earth even more.

Love yourself and those around you so much you think it’s too much. Give all you’ve got to the ones you love, and you will receive it back, I promise. Change is inevitable, and your change is important. Grow and move on, and put yourself first always.



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