Am I a hypocrite? I often preach and give my guidance and advice to living a positive and happy life, but I find myself having the hardest time accepting my own words. Regarding my post about not letting nostalgia having any power in our lives, that can be very very tough.

APPARENTLY cancers, the mighty emotional water sign, has a tendency to be nostalgic for the past. For this intangible thing that cannot be reached anymore. It’s gone, but it occupies most of my thoughts…

I think has a lot to do with my thoughts on the past and the truth. The skewed truth. Whenever I think of the past, it is always tied with good feelings and even better memories. This isn’t true. My life wasn’t easy breezy, and the photos I look back on only capture the very best moments and experiences through the years.

Not to discredit your past moments, we all share memories with old friends and old times that were incredible. And should be revered as so. But I need to stop letting the good out way the bad, and not keep allowing myself to believe the past was better than the present or any experiences that could happen in the future.

One thing I have really enjoyed about creating this blog has been seeing the feedback from the site. I also enjoy freeing my thoughts and having an outlet to remind myself what is important and a place to look back on and see my growth. I read each piece I write like anyone else who reads them and try to follow my positive words. It is hard to practice a mindful and positive lifestyle, but the first step is letting go. Let go of everything you have tied to positive living and free your brain of others thoughts and judgments. This process is lengthy and hard, but so rewarding. It’s an everyday battle to remind our brains to let go of the harmful and negative thoughts. But it can be done.

Wake up and believe in yourself and believe in being happy. Happiness is the ultimate goal, so make choices throughout the day to make YOU happy. Focus on yourself. Don’t care what others think, and don’t base your actions/opinions on pleasing anyone. Smile, relax and think about how lucky you are to be alive right now in this moment. We are so lucky…



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