The comfort zone (as told by “Someone’s personal and comfortable space. Upon trespassing into the zone without knowing the person may just result in a person acting stuck up, rude, or hostile towards the intruder.”

Thanks, Urban Dictionary. They are the masterminds behind the millennial, skewed perception of the world told in simple and often humorous definitions.

As an introvert (self-proclaimed but true), I take my comfort zone seriously. It takes a lot of energy for me to go out and leave the comfortable state that is my personal space.

Side note: Introverts get their energy from being alone/ doing activities alone/ can often only handle large groups or stimulating social interactions for short periods before they need to ‘recharge’ again by being alone. While extroverts get their energy or the most stimulation by being in social situations with groups of people. Not saying they don’t enjoy being alone, but they don’t necessarily NEED it in order to properly function without risks of anxiety.

Last night, I had the opportunity to go out or stay in my bed. Sadly, I chose to stay in bed and watching vlogs on youtube, while twitching from the zzQuil I took. (Zzquil is powerful). I notice I often say no to activities because I just want to stay in my comfort zone which is in my room with my headphones on. So I decided to give a little guide for myself and anyone who struggles with this issue:

Ways to stay in your comfort zone:

  1. put your headphones on/in, zone out the world. focus on yourself and tune everyone out. tip: walk around with headphones in. people won’t approach you, and you may even seem more important than you are.
  2. try not to. honestly, you will remember the times when you made memories with friends more than when you laid in bed eating ice cream.

Ways to stay out of your comfort zone:

1. take out your headphones. smile at a stranger/classmate/homeless person on the street. a smile is worth a thousand words, be friendly!

2. talk to someone new. anyone who you find interesting. just a simple hi or hello could spark a great conversation. if that is too out of your zone, ask them for something. (directions, the time, to hold the elevator, a pencil, anything). people aren’t as scary as you think they are.

3. learn to not say no to any invitation you get. go over every possible reason why you shouldn’t go out there and experience the world, and try to discredit them. if the reasons aren’t valid and you just are being lazy, get up and go. you will enjoy it, I promise. (if you don’t, I am sorry. ice cream on me)

4. let go. live in the present and take moments to think of your experience in the past. remember that moment that still makes you happy and laugh to this day, it probably was a crazy adventure you never planned. go out there and let go – you never know what might happen.



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