Goodnight lovelies, wherever you are. Whether it’s morning or night for you right now, make today great. I’m going to bed with a full heart and an eager mind to tackle tomorrow wholly. (My mind may be a bit too eager to sleep, sorry roommates).

Tomorrow is your chance to complete something you’ve always wanted to or to start a new task you have been dreaming about. My advice is to write out everything you want to get accomplished, with the most meaningful at the top. Take the hardest, most time-consuming tasks and complete them first. This will free up your mind and body, and get you excited to do the easier and more fun activities. Crossing an activity off your list will be motivating and you will feel successful. This always excites me and gives me a good outline of what I want to accomplish in the day.

I have written about this idea before, but it really works for me and I can’t stress it enough. Visually seeing what you have to do in the day puts into perspective your hard and easy tasks, and how much time you have in the day for work/relaxation/fun.

Take advantage of the next day ahead, and try to cross off as many activities off your list as you can. Believe in yourself, and the world will echo back.



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