The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: a guide book to the happiest version of yourself. I have recently been reading this book, and it has opened my eyes in a way I never thought possible. Each day, I am learning more about who I am and how I want to project myself into the world, and it turn how I want others to receive and treat me.

(I highly recommend this book to everyone. Right now. Go get it)

There is a section in the book regarding the idea of freedom, and how the human race has gotten it wrong. I won’t spoil it, but basically we aren’t free. We have the option to choose to be free, but getting to that point can be difficult- especially how our minds today are so consumed and distracted by all of the modern issues and fallacies around us. It got me thinking- what do I really love to do? Why don’t I do it more? Why do we have to section off time in the day to really get to do what we want? Why, after I finish this assignment, will I get the reward of being happy?

So, I am taking the time to think about what I love. What makes me the happiest, what gives me life. I love to write, read, talk to people, and make connections through being outside and traveling. Why do I spend so much time dreaming about happiness, when I have the power to make it happen?

I challenge everyone to think about what they love, make a list even. Go throughout an average day, and see what you spend most of your time on. For me, I watch way too much Tv. I honestly think I’m addicted. I want to slowly spend time and energy transitioning my bad habits over to time spent on adventures and moments that bring me true happiness. Try to find parts of your day that you could swap for better used time, to make you a happier and healthier version of yourself.



Welcome back. 

I have to say welcome for you and for me! It’s a new year, use it wisely. Time is of the essence this year… make the best of 2016.

I took a long break from writing. Mostly to be fully in the present with family and friends over the holidays. Also, I was extra extra lazy when I went home. I’m a student, I have an excuse right?!

The 39 day break I had was an extended period of time for me to think a lot about everything. I mostly thought about my growth, and what I learned in my first semester of college. Which I have realized is A LOT! I thought a lot about how I have grown as an individual and how I have become more of who I am and want to be, and am slowly but surely maturing away from a dramatic teenage girl.

The new year definitely brings everyone a lot of promise, and can feel as a “new slate” for everything. And I think that thought is super powerful, if used correctly. With all our infamous new years resolution pushed aside, 2016 can finally be your ‘year’. If you’re willing to commit, this year can be it. I feel like we are progressively getting more positive and the ideas of loving yourself are trending topics among society right now. This means it is as easy as ever to make the best of every day, and of every problem we face.

I have adopted a “say yes to everything” mindset. Not literally (if I am in for the night most likely you can’t tear me from my bed) but you get it. I have realized how when I look back in the past, the times I said no for whatever reason- was always when I felt fomo (fear of missing out) and ate my feelings while watching Netflix. Which is SO stupid. Honestly. Saying yes to every opportunity you get (however out of your comfort zone it is) will ignite a spark of energy in you. Meeting new people and going new places gives me energy, and I promise saying yes is just the first step in making memories.

All we have is memories, so make the most out of life. As cliche as it sounds: you won’t remember the time you stayed in bed. Choose to make memories. Choose to do good, it will only have a positive impact on your mind body and soul. I promise