Lately, I have been struggling with the old me and a new me forming. A new me I may not like…

The first year of college has been one of the most eye opening, and hardest years of my life. It has brought me a new sense of joy and independence but also showed me the deepest point of dependence and longing for home and the past.

I have found myself recently doing things I never would have imagined myself doing, which has excited the inner introvert in me- but also has me questioning if it’s right or wrong. Recently I noticed how self-centered I can be without realizing it, and it hurts those around me.

I finished The Four Agreements and it left me feeling very inspired and disheartened. I noticed how others affect me and how many people project their insecurities onto me, which only hurts me and ultimately them.

I was recently in a situation where I made a promise to a friend and let her down simply because I wanted to keep doing what -I- wanted to do.

It’s so crazy what we can see when we are self-aware. It can be important to have a mental and emotional check up every once in awhile to see how you’re feeling, and how the people in your life are affecting you positively and negatively. Maybe you can fix a few things about yourself to make your relationships stronger. Maybe we all just need to open our eyes to love and live even more.


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