Recently, after entering the most challenging (yet rewarding) literature class, I have realized a few of my passions. Coming from a small town background, I was never subjected to ‘catcalling’ or behavior like that from men. Since moving to a large city I have realized the emphasis men have on women’s bodies, and how that is all you can be seen as. Just a BODY. A freakin’ body. That’s what *some* men condense women to the intelligence, strength, passionate warriors we are, to our bodies. I understand attractiveness and how important beauty can be in our society and in relationships, but being subjected to the size of my body- is very demeaning. And uncomfortable. I never realized that based on the size of certain body parts that I was born with I could give off the ‘wrong impression’ or allow men to stare at me in an uncomfortable/rude/scary way would be my reality, but it IS real. And that’s where my journey of feminism began.

I want to share my passion for body-positivity and self-love with anyone I can reach. Realizing your wealth and value to society is so so important. Although it is a long journey, I’m working on it. That’s all we can do- is try. Try to see our beauty and importance in ourselves, because we ALL belong. We all have value and are all uniquely beautiful (mind, body, and soul).

I decided to take an old lipstick to write on my mirror ‘I’m a babe’. I wanted to write a mantra that encompassed more than just commenting on my outward beauty. I am a babe. I’m strong, intelligent, and capable. We’re all babes- guy or girl- you are a BABE. Every time I look in the mirror I try and remember to affirm what I am, even though I may not believe it at the time, it has actually worked. I find myself commenting less on my appearance, especially negative comments. It doesn’t even have to be about your body, just try to think of the insecurities that circle around in your head. They’re just thoughts. They don’t have to have power unless YOU give them power. Find a mantra that you can believe in and say whenever you put yourself down.

I can’t stress enough that thoughts are only words. Saying ‘I look fat’ will, in turn, make you actually believe you are fat. It’s just bad juju you are bringing into your head because society has conditioned you to believe you are different or wrong. Once you catch yourself saying a negative thought, recognize it and shut it down. The more you recognize your harmful words-the easier it is to stop saying it.

So I challenge you to find a powerful mantra to repeat over and over again, to get one step closer into LOVING and ACCEPTING the body/mind/soul you were given. Because you are beautiful and capable of self-love. It’s possible, I promise. Start today beauties.



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