TIME, and more of it PLS

We all hear the phrase “it just takes time.” It’s a common phrase that is used to get us through any bad situation really. Most phrases that are “as old as the hills” (my mom’s favorite) seem to lose their meaning when overused.

But it really reigns true. Everything just takes time. And that idea and phrase goes hand in hand with the belief that everything is temporary. It may be easy to overlook, or hard to really focus on, but every moment is temporary. That’s why we always have a second chance (in a way, not if you really screwed up), but remembering that every situation and emotion is temporary-can be extremely freeing. That isn’t to say to relish and revel in the glory days that are among us, but it is to remember when we feel the world crashing in around us.

We have felt the lowest of lows and the high highs, but we have the power to look back on them in a lighter and more knowledgable perspective. We have the power to let our emotions take all the willpower from us for a small period of time, but it is crucial we don’t let that emotion become us. We don’t have to be gloomy from that missed text or job rejection for the whole day, but allowing the proper time to grieve is as important as moving away from it.

When I am down in the dumps (another phrase but it works here) I try to see the positive or long lasting affect of the moment. Side note: sometimes I read other people’s blog posts (I’m not hating by the way) but it does seem like people project themselves in the most positive, ethereal light. And of course, why wouldn’t they? But I’m not perfect. I don’t always smile when I’m really fucking angry. Sometimes it really does take the whole day. But when it’s something little or something that I can handle, I try to see the situation from both sides. I don’t give the upper hand to either side, because everyone is entitled to feel their own emotions (including me).

BUT the point is there will always be more time. And time will most usually always heal things because it puts everything into perspective after you’ve removed yourself from the intense emotions that come with tragedy and grief.



I’m feeling super sentimental and warm right now while listening to my new Spotify playlist, Romantique. It consists of a lot of Brigitte Bardot, and other popular french love songs. It really takes me to a different time. A time that I haven’t ever experienced, and with the way social media and phones in particular have molded our world, will never see in my life time.

This french music that seems to alter my mood relaxes every bone in my body. Lately, specifically the past two days, I have been filled to the brim with anxiety. I am embarking on a new journey into adulthood tomorrow. I am officially moving into my first apartment! I’m more nervous for the whole school thannnng. This summer has been wild. Dope to be in fact. But I know that isn’t fully proper english. And I’m an English major so I have to be on my shit.

As you can see my writing style may have changed, it’s been awhile. But I, for some reason, got a sudden burst of energy to write down all my feelings. Maybe it was the sweet jams of old french music. I want to be more conversational and relaxed on here. I have recently been too lazy to write in my journal, so I’ve been writing everything I feel down in my notes on my iPhone. One day (hopefully) I will transfer everything down. I want to and I NEED to. As much as this is an outlet for writing my current emotions down, it has also been a journal of my life in a way. Although the posts haven’t been my deepest darkest secrets (do I even have any?), I have been able to look back on my growth as I’ve changed as a person. How amazing! And a few of you have been along on the way. So this hopefully will bid adieu to the past, and welcome a future for this blog. Or just an outlet to read the perspectives on a now 19 (woohoo!) year old’s thoughts on life, and how crazy everything can seem.

Being able to read other people’s thoughts and inner dialogues, whether it be facebook or an actual website, lets me reevaluate and understand the world around me. That’s why I believe writing, in ANY form, has such a valued and strong impact. Scoff scoff to all the people who laugh at English majors, or any other major besides Business. How do you think you function daily without understand, reading, and comprehending everything in front of you? Yeah, it’s not so silly after all. I want to be able to write down how I feel and change or enhance someone’s perspective, because in the end, all that matters is people. And lately I have felt so out of touch with the more creative and thoughtful person I know I can be! Cell phones, and tv have got me wasting my days away. How do you feel? Want to have a chat about literally anything? I’m bored. I don’t know.