Everything to me is different in a city. In retrospect, I feel like I became a person in this city

Does that sound silly? Can a place change you permanently? Or just allow you to be yourself…

The city is freedom

It is love, fear, dreams, broken hearts, tired feet, wind, prolonged bus rides, fast night walks anxious to make it home in one piece, lonely tears, and infinite possibilities…

24th and Geary is home

And San Francisco is my city

It’s engrained into my heart. Every moment I’ve experienced has molded me into the skin I carry around every day. The corner outside Mel’s where I tripped waiting for the 38r home. The small sushi restaurant in Japan town where I had my first date. Every single experience I remember as I clutch my headphones and bag tighter and tighter, looking out the window on the bus replaying these moments … 24th and Geary is home and that will never change. 


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