About Me 

My name is Katherine Frees, and I am an aspiring journalist. I am in my freshman year of college, and currently living in San Francisco. I love writing, reading, talking, and drinking coffee. I started this blog around two years ago when I had an internship at a publication house.

My idea behind this site was a space for how-to’s and funny pieces to brighten your day. As I started typing, the only thing that I could get out were pieces on life, positivity, and how to make the most of our short time here on earth. I began to devour this site as a creative outlet where I could share my thoughts and feelings, and began to open up to many of you who view my blog.

I hope to grow this site to a place of open expression, and a place where the mind can go to wander. With that being said, you should care about me as much as I care about you. Every time I see someone has clicked here, it makes me smile. The feeling hasn’t gone away in over two years, and I am so excited to finally share my thoughts with a wider range of readers.